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Actual post:

Moving is difficult, full stop. Moving to another country is a whole new level of difficult. Today is one of many days my partner and I have spent freaking out.

Today D was in a manic state researching shipping containers so we can send our stuff to England by freight. As a pack rat he has a lot of stuff that he does not want to have to get rid of. Unfortunately our budget just won’t accommodate the $10,000 needed to book a 20 foot shipping container.

This means many difficult decisions must be made. He has memory boxes full of scrap book material. He told me today going through those to find items to throw away is like ripping pages out of a journal.

Then there are the boxes full of art supplies and tools. They don’t have sentimental value. The problem is the whole“But what if we need this six months from now?” mentality we both have.

Somehow we are going to have to whittle all our possessions, including furniture, down to a couple duffel bags and the 200 cubic foot shipping container that we can actually afford.

Tangent: Spell check does not recognize the word duffel/duffle. I just Googled it to make sure I was spelling it correctly and found out that the name come from Duffel, a town in Belgium. True story.

On top of the freaking out about shipping and shipping costs and getting rid of more stuff (we’ve already had a major purge), we are also worried about the overall expense and everything else that needs to be done.

Plus this morning our niece wrote me and asked if D is still going to be journeying to England ahead of me and our child. She said there’s a lot he needs to do before A and I get there. Instant panic! I know we had discussed him finding a job and looking for accommodation, and now my mind is racing trying to figure out what else he’ll need to do when he first gets there.

Current mood: Argh!!!