Chocolate Chess Pie – Pinterest Success

Since there is this whole phenomena called Pinterest Fails, I thought I’d start writing about some of the projects and recipes I find on Pinterest and actually attempt whether I fail or succeed.  “Actually attempt” being an important qualifier because my “Recipes To Try” board has the most pins –  445 pins to be exact.  No other board even comes close.

The recipe I tried wasn’t even one of the recipes that’s been sitting on my Recipes To Try board for . . . years.

It happened to be Pi Day, you know, March 14th.  3/14.  Pi=3.14lotsandlotsofothernumbers . . . In case you didn’t know about Pi Day and about how geeks like me like to make pie on/for Pi day.  Anyhow, it was March 14th, aka Pi Day, and I wanted to make pie.  And hadn’t really planned ahead.

Seeing as I’m busy and stressed, I didn’t want the pie to complicated and time consuming to make.  To Pinerest to find easy pie recipes!  Preferably chocolate flavored easy pie recipes.

As I was scrolling through all the pictures of different pies I saw one for Chocolate Chess Pie that looked like a good candidate.  It was chocolate, it looked simple to make, and I already had all the recipe components except the pie crust and the evaporated milk.  Well, I had butter, but it was salted, and the blogger who posted the recipe said she used unsalted butter.  I had to go to the store anyhow, so it was no big deal to pick up three extra items.

I don’t always follow recipes 100% exactly.  The only change I made to this one was to use a graham cracker crust.  Because it was cheaper.  If I’m remembering correctly she also said it’s best to leave it in the fridge overnight before serving.  I couldn’t wait more than a few hours.

This recipe was super easy to make.  And I managed to do it with minimal mess.  And, oh my gosh, so freaking delicious.  It’s like chocolate gooey goodness.

I had never heard of a chess pie before and was intrigued to learn more, so I looked it up.  I guess if I was from the South (the US one) I would have probably heard of Chess Pie.  Maybe.  According to Wikipedia it’s something more common in the South and I’m a California-native.  It’s originally from England and is a custard pie.  What makes standard chess pie special is the use of cornmeal.  In the version I used there was no cornmeal.  There was chocolate.  And it was good.

This is a delicious chocolate-flavored custard pie.  It is fudgy and yummy, and got the seal of approval from all the adults in the household.  We somehow didn’t get around to sharing with the toddler because we are horrible, selfish people.  I have been told by a certain member of the household that I should make this pie frequently.

Here is a picture.  The picture does not do justice to the yumminess.